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Season 1

A Tomb with a View

A Comedy Thriller by Norman Robbins
Directed by Les Hart

Audition Dates:

Saturday 25 November 2023 – 12pm – 4pm
Sunday 26 November 2023 – from 6pm
Tuesday 28 November 2023 – 7pm – 9.30pm

Performances Dates: 

14 – 17 March & 21 – 23 March 2024
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Performances at 8pm
Sunday Matinee at 2pm

Please Note: 

Successful cast MUST BE available for rehearsal period as well as all production dates. Please check you are available for all performance dates before booking your audition time. 

ETC is a community theatre company and, as such, no actors are paid.   

Bookings essential and contact information is below.

Auditions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please apply to organise your audition time, as well as for any further information, including script and audition pages. Please bring a non-returnable headshot, along with the completed audition form which can be found on the ETC Website at

Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time.

Audition Venue:
Bradshaw Street Community Hall
Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)
West Essendon  VIC  3040 

Google Maps:,144.893059,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x6ad65c132fe4d1e9:0xde935373e7f0cb3f  


“A Tomb With A View” is set in an as-sinister-an-old-library as one is likely to come across, presided over by a portrait of a grim faced, mad-eyed, old man. There, a dusty, lawyer reads a Will, involving some millions of pounds, to an equally sinister family – one member of which has werewolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga and a third member is a gentle, old lady who plants more than seeds in her flower beds.

By the third act, there are more corpses than live members left in the show, with no two dying alike! And what about the sympathetic nurse and the author of romantic novels? Are they all, or more than, they seem to be? All is revealed as the plot twists and turns to its surprising conclusion.

Characters summary:

6 Female; 4 Male

All roles will require English accents, with some variations between the family members and the ‘outsiders’. This is a comedy thriller, so many of the roles are characterisations and somewhat larger than life. Age of actors is an approximation only and an actors true age may differ from that of the character.

The Family
Lucien – Male – 50-ish – Is the eldest brother and as such the new head of the household, which he “doth proclaim loudly”. Gruff and demanding that no-one listens to. Prone to outbursts when things aren’t as he thinks they should be. Needs good comedic skills

Dora – Female – 49 (Looks 60) – Mourns the loss of the former grandeur and place in society that the Tombs used to hold. Fragile looking, delights in sharing her homemade wines and jumps at the thought of police arriving. Most likely to be closest to a nervous breakdown. Needs good comedic skills.

Emily – Female – Mid 40s – The middle child. Larger than the other women, so the actor must be comfortable with their size. Is the smartest of all the Tomb siblings (at least in her own mind) and always has the answers. A real problem-solver, this middle sister uses everything from words to fists to keep her annoying siblings in order. Some physical comedy in this character, as well.

Marcus – Male – Mid 40s – thinks he is Julius Caesar and lives somewhat in his own world. Or, indeed, the world of William. All lines are delivered, boldly and profoundly. The family understand him completely, and his nurse Anne keeps him adequately medicated. Shakespearean experience wouldn’t go astray, as long as it can be delivered in a somewhat OTT way.

Monica – Female – Mid 30s – The youngest and prettiest of the clan. Smart, clever and funny knows what she wants from a man and how to get it. Also needs good comedic skills.

The Non-Family
Hamilton Penworthy – Male – 50s – 70s – the staid and steady lawyer who has been looking after the family for many years. He knows more than he should and plans more than he says. So, we need to see a scheming side to him, too.

Anne Franklin – Female – Mid 20s – the nurse to Marcus and she appears to genuinely care for him. Caring, intelligent and has plans of her own. She the only one that goes into the village for any reason.

Agatha Hammond – Female – 40 – Mid 60s – been the housekeeper for as long as anyone could remember. Knows all that goes on, or at least, she thinks so. Has a level of control since she has been there for all the children growing up but remains the ‘help’. Great comedy role, though.

Freda Mountjoy – Female – 40 – 50 – “A successful author of romance novels” or is she? She has a dual role, right from the beginning, and needs to be able to switch between them. In her words, she is “the biggest little con artist”. She is an unexpected beneficiary in the Will and is there to collect.

Peregrine Potter – Male – Mid 30s – Appears to be the secretary assisting the famous author but has secrets of his own, too. Shy, awkward and yet, the focus of Monica’s attention. Both physical and vocal comedy needed for this one.


All enquiries or to book an audition, contact the Director, Les Hart at or 0455 988 100

Rehearsal Period: 

Rehearsals will be three times a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays at director’s discretion.